Thursday, May 15, 2014

What To Do When You're NOT at RT

The RT Booklover's Convention is being held this week in New Orleans.

My Twitter feed and Facebook have been flooded with pictures of all my lovely writing friends partying it up, talking shop, and enjoying one of the spots on my "to travel to before I die" list.

I would love to say that I'm entirely too busy writing and doing writerly things to be stalking my Twitter and refreshing my Facebook. But it would be a lie. Seems I CAN find too many minutes to jealously read all those cool tweets/posts.

So, instead of getting caught up in my own envy, I thought I'd post a list of things to do while your friends are all at RT (or insert any other writing convention you aren't attending here).

1) Write.  This one is so obvious it almost doesn't have to be here.  But, well, it does.  You can write, get ahead in the word count of all those folks who are away, having more fun than you, er, who are too busy to write right now.  Practical and straightforward.

2) Blog.  Sort of a subset of writing.  But you could insert any promotional item here. Working on your website works too.  Marketing is part of writing, after all.  At least it is if you're a published writer or plan to be someday.

3) Read. Think of it as research. Think of it as a guilty pleasure.  Either way, reading is good for your writing. And, as everyone's busy doing their thing at RT, no one's looking.  Feel free to indulge.

How about you?  If you're at RT, feel free to gush about how much fun you're having.  I won't judge you (much). If you're not, what are you doing to keep busy?


  1. You and me both, Marnee! And you're right, #1 and #2 are keeping busy enough to not want to reach through the internet and sneak their beignets right off their plates. Well, I still want to do that ;)

  2. Hi Lee!! :) I want those beignets too. My friend Terri said they're like chunks of funnel cake. Um, SIGN ME UP!! LOL!!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Kids' soccer practice and end-of-school-year stuff, which as much as I love (and I do!), New Orleans still sounds fun!!! :)

  4. So what you're saying is you're trying to get ahead of me on your WIP while I'm away at RT. Crafty, Mrs. Bailey, very crafty. :-)

  5. Yes, Barbara, I'm with you. I've been telling myself that I'm fine, that I don't really need beignets and Bourbon Street and whatever. Pep talk-not working. LOL

    *Rubbing my hands together and twirling my imaginary mustache* Yes, Mrs. Ruddick, that is my sinister plot. Mwah hahahaha!!

  6. It *is* hard not to be envious of all the fun our friends are having at RT, isn't it! If I could find a local pastry shop with beignets, I would be there in a heartbeat! But, alas, like you, I've been keeping busy writing, and telling myself maybe next year ... :-)

  7. Yes, why are beignets so hard to find? :( Maybe next year is right. I think it's in Dallas next year. I've never been there. I think the year after that is in Vegas. Now THAT... that sounds like a ball.

  8. I'm not there either, Marnee, and I was okay with that until all the pictures started showing up on FB and Twitter. So what am I doing besides drooling over beignets and hot cover models? by...I must have done something productive this week besides stalk social media. I'll get back to you as soon as I think of it. :D

  9. I'll wait here. LOL!!

    I have been working. It's just hard to focus with all that fun going on. :)