Friday, April 25, 2014

At The Beginning... Again

Altered is out there on the catwalk, strutting its stuff. It's time for me to start a new project!!

At the start of something new, I always have mixed emotions.  I'm equal parts this...

And this ....

It's a really exciting time.  I get to plot out something new, play with new scenarios. I can pluck the depths of characters and play what-if. Most important to me right now, I can write new words instead of revising previously written words!  *happy sigh*  Oh, I know revising is vital. But revisions require a different kind of creativity.  A soul-sucking, exhausting, trying... er, I mean, wonderfully productive and necessary part of the creative process.

I'm deep in the research phase and my storyboard is deliciously empty.  *rubs hands together*  Here's hoping the next days see me typing like a madwoman and not doing a lot of this...

Sorry for the image-laden post. I was feeling visual today. So tell me... how do you feel at the beginning of a project?  What are you working on right now?


  1. I actually like revising. Is that weird? I dread the blank page, but once I have something to work with, I'm much more comfortable. I guess that comes from years of grading papers.

  2. Then if we ever worked together, Jessica, we'd be unstoppable!! LOL!!

  3. I'm in the revision stage, which is sheer hell for me. I love the blank page--the possibilities, but when it comes time to revise, it's all a big jumbled mess. I just start shifting scenes and then copying others and moving them to a new file, and then trying to make old scenes work in new scenes. Yeah. I'm one hot mess with revisions. Hence, I'm commenting on this blog post rather than sitting my butt in the chair and revising like I said I was going to do early on a Saturday morning.
    Good luck on the new book, Marnee! I'm envious...:-) I keep thinking of my next book, but I have three to revise before I get to that point.

  4. AH!! Kim, I thought I commented to you! I think it got sucked up in the internet! :(

    Revisions is rough. I write linearly, but revisions happen all over the place. It messes this Virgo up.