Monday, August 29, 2011

Playlist (or Music as Inspiration)

I'm not the most musical person. I like music, don't get me wrong. But I don't hum incessantly. I'm perfectly content to sit in a car with the radio off and only my thoughts for company. I don't even have a stereo in the house and I don't own an ipod.

That said, it always seems that as I close in on the end of a book, I start to find inspiration in different songs. And boy am I eclectic! Country, rock, pop. Hip hop. There is no genre safe from me.

I'm at that point, it seems. I hear songs and I start thinking of my characters.

So, I made a playlist, as I always do. And I figured, what the heck? Maybe you guys might want a little view into the insanity that is my musical inspiration. So, on the right, I've included my playlist.

Beware. The Ice Cube song has offensive lyrics. I couldn't find the clean version in Playlist's archives. Also, the Death Cab for Cutie song is one of my favorites right now.

Yes, that's Ice Cube and DCFC on the same playlist.

You've been warned.


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  2. I'm like you, preferring to listen to my thoughts. I hear music 8 hours/day at work, and I love it while driving in the car -- and that's often when musical inspiration hits me. :) A certain lyric will strike my muse just a little differently, giving me some insight into a character or their dilemma. Now I'm gonna check out your playlist!


  3. Thanks Donna! I think it's funny the things that tickle my muse. I just read a post by Ashley March a few days ago where she talked about heroes who loved the heroines so much they would do anything and it helped me to see that my hero needed to be in love with my heroine from the start of the book. It's like something clicked. It's just funny what sets me off sometimes.

    Hope you liked my playlist. :)

  4. You don't listen to music? You'd rather sit in silence? You don't own a stereo or iPod? This describes my version of Hell. I must have music at all times.

    Ironically, except when I'm writing. Must have silence. Though I do make playlists like this. I need to revisit the playlist of my current WIP.

    I love the songs I know on your list and will listen to the DCforCutie when I get a chance. I'll even try the Ice Cube. When I'm not at work. :)

    Just a heads up, Adele also does a version of "To Make You Feel My Love" that is awesome.

    I've been wondering what your revelation about your hero was!

  5. I'm finally listening to the Ice Cube song. Dude. HOW does this relate to your book? LOL! I like the song, but it does not say "Historical Romance" to me.

  6. Ter - LOL! See, one person's version of heaven.... :)

    I'm sure I'm going to revisit this playlist as the days go by but right now it's doing the trick.

    As to Ice Cube.... This song is for my heroine. She's a sassy thing who's spent ten years as a courtesan. The job has killed her self-esteem, killed her self-identity. At one time, she was one of those girls who drew others too her. Beautiful, happy, full of life. Men flocked to her, girls wanted to be her and be her friend.

    This song is sort of her "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" track. Throughout the course of the story, she regains her confidence. "You Can Do It" has that, "I'm a fly girl" feel about it.

    Other heroine inspired songs? "If I Die Young." "You Are A Tourist." "The Only Exception."

    Hero specific songs. "She Will Be Loved." "Cable Car." "To Make You Feel My Love."

    "Someone Like You" is reminiscent of my black moment.

  7. That song will definitely get a groove back. I'm all about lyrics, but there's a tone a song has to have to fit my story. I'm guessing if I wrote historicals, it would be period music or soundtrack stuff.

    My soundtrack stuff leans toward singer/songwriter stuff. Accoustin Train or Augustana with a little Alicia Keys thrown in.