Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I'm a Golden Heart Finalist!

*throws confetti*

My book, ALTERED, is a Golden Heart Finalist in the Young Adult Romance category!!  I couldn't be more excited.  Read below for the list of finalists:

I got my call this morning at a little after 10 AM.  I think Julie Kenner might think I'm crazy because all I could say was, "Oh my God.  Oh my God."

I've been floating all day and now I get to plan a trip to San Antonio.  SQUEE!!!

Congratulations to all my fellow finalists and to all the finalists in the RITA awards.  To see my name on this post with all those talented writers, well, it's really humbling.

I can't wait to meet the other finalists and to celebrate it up at Nationals this year!


  1. Marnee,
    I can't wait to celebrate with you in San Antonio! Congrats, congrats!

  2. I can't wait either, Kim! Congrats to you too!!

  3. Hey Marn!!!!! Congrats!!!! Sorry for the late wishes but it's hard keeping track of everyone now that the ship has docked. LOL It's really cool that eventually I find everyone though.

    I was just over at Heroes and Heartbreakers reading down the list and out popped your name! Wow how amazing! Sending virtual hugs. San Antonio is awesome too. The hubby and I went there for a conference a couple of years ago and had a really great time. The Riverwalk is super fun.

  4. Thanks, Irish!! I'm incredibly happy about it all! :) And super excited about going to San Antonio this year.